Husky Puppies Birmingham Al

husky puppies Birmingham Al

Siberian huskies are adorable dogs and make great pets. Finding the right location to get your new husky can be challenging . You need to buy a puppy from a reliable breeder. We are close enough to provide husky puppies in Birmingham Al. Our kennels are located just 45 miles North of Birmingham and provide top quality husky puppies for Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We cover the whole state of Alabama and can deliver huskies to Birmingham in less than an hour.

Although their are a lot of backyard breeders in the Birmingham area, getting a quality puppy with a health certificate should be your biggest concern. It would be horrible to buy your child a puppy that became sick and died. Not only would you loose your investment but you loose a friend you came to love. We guarantee our puppies to be healthy and have no genetic diseases. Our dogs come from champion bloodlines that are proven to be disease free. If a seller won’t back his puppies then you don’t want them. Also a reputable breeder will take back a puppy should you stop being able to care for the dog. You can get husky puppies in Birmingham Al from our kennel with a guarantee.


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